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Live Streaming Schedule
(Timezone: EST (UTC-05:00)
Daytime Hours are Provisional and Subject to Change)
Sunday Funday: IRL Streams Every Sunday Krushie Kitchen or Kitsune Adventures, I show you different delicious recipes or take you on an adventure around my part of the world.
Hot Mess Monday: 5pm - 9pm EST Let's Face it Monday's suck, the weekend is over and most of us go back to school or work, Monday's are dedicated to keeping things low key and relaxing.
Tuesday: Off Air
Overwatch Wednesday: 5pm - 9pm EST I use this time to practice certain hero's or play competitive matches on Overwatch!
Thursday: Off Air
Followers Friday: 5pm - 9pm I set aside a special day just for you guys, This stream wouldn't exist without you so if you'd like to come play with me add my PSN - Kitsune_Krush, let's hang out and chat! (Limit 3 games per follower so everyone gets a fair chance)
Saturday: 8bit/Indie Afternoons 12pm EST My own nod to Saturday mornings watching my favorite cartoons as a kid, I'm taking it back to the days of side scrollers, 8bit beauties and lesser known titles that deserve some spotlight!
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